Throwing into the deep end

Pushing a new #Salesforce Consultant ‘into the deep’ end to see if they sink or swim is an awful practice, especially if they haven’t been provided enough training or support.

Salesforce focuses hard knowledge – how to use the product, the features and enhancements they’ve introduce to make life easier etc etc etc.

Less emphasis is placed on the human skills of truly understanding the customer’s pain, and designing a solution that addresses the real business problem.

And so the young consultants (who have just got their certs but lack real world experience) are expected to run workshops, document requirements, manage scope and client relations right off the bat.

Perhaps they might be allowed a few weeks of unbillable time to ‘shadow’ a senior member of the project team, who is likely to be too busy to mentor and develop their young charge.

Potential outcomes:
1. Newbie thrives and progresses well
2. Newbie survives but develops anxiety and the unrelenting stress of projects may lead to long-term mental health issues.

A lot of them will end up as (2).

My Delivery Masterclasses for Salesforce Partners address the issues above.

I help your team gain their wings, so that they may be able to quickly ramp up to speed and run projects with confidence.

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