Looks like you’re not cut out to be a consultant

“Looks like you’re not cut out to be a consultant.”

“No you can’t talk to the customer. Just build what we’ve documented. No, it’s complete. You’ll have to figure it out and get it done before show & tell.”

“I have 3 decades of Project Management experience. This project is tanking because of you lot. Perhaps you should get yourself re-assigned to another project. “

I’ve spoken to 3 consultants the last couple of weeks.
Work had totally broken them. 😔

It makes me so angry, because they are wonderful wonderful people. I would have LOVED to have them on my team.

The consulting world is BRUTAL. 😣
Utilisation. 📊
Billable hours. 💰
Project after project after project. 📈
Unsupportive management.

It can feel like a meat grinder at times. 🥧

BUT… when
– you’re set up for success
– the project has been sold properly
– due dilligence has been performed
– the right clients have been signed up
– the wrong clients have been qualified out
– the leadership cares about the people who work for them 🌹

… consulting in a world like #Salesforce can be fascinating, endlessly interesting, deeply satisfying and incredibly rewarding. ❤

I’ve seen that side.
Which is why it is important for me to continue what I do:

1. Share best practices for how consulting partners can nurture and grow their team… and impact revenue upwards ↗, and
2. Teach, mentor and guide consultants on how to thrive and navigate this world, without impacting their mental health.

To those of you who have been in the game for awhile, if you can support the newbies, please reach out to them.

To those of you who feel like it’s an endless torture, you have options. You can
(1) do nothing, and carry on
(2) try to change the situation
(3) leave

Of those that I spoke to, all three have opted for (3).
All are taking time out to heal and re-evaluate next steps.

Don’t let it get this far.
Your health – mental, emotional, physical, and your relationships are FAR more important than the company you work for.

That’s what I tell everyone who’s worked with me.
You’re more important.
And, you have options.

My DM is open if you ever want to talk.

And to everyone else…
#BeKind. Please.