OMG! Mum! You can’t post this!

“OMG! Mum! You can’t post this!” 😱
“Umm babe… don’t you think it’s a bit NSFW?”

😁 (cough)

So anyway, I had a few conversations this week that reminded me that #ProjectManagers and those who are in #leadership position need to Just. Not. Be. Jerks.

When I’m leading a team – I am fully aware that I impact the quality of these people’s day-to-day life at work.

These are important:
– my approach to problem solving
– my management style
– my experience

But these are EVEN MORE important:
– my personality and warmth
– my behaviour when things go wrong
– my values such as integrity and respect

I make sure that I lead with compassion and empathy.

But there are so many in leadership roles who don’t – either because they are stressed and under pressure, and they lash out because they are at their wits end…

Or they are just 💩😐

You can see that I just _had_ to get this out in doodleform. 🤭

The really angry and unhappy #Salesforce consultants that I was talking to this week described their PMs using body parts that are involved in the reproductive process. 😳

Of course I had to make it PG, and spent quite some time trying to draw a ‘derriere’ … and eventually produced this masterpiece!😁😁😁

After the 0 star review from my horrifed family, I spent a bit more time thinking how to change it but couldn’t come up with anything I liked better 🤭

Anyway, the moral of today’s post is:
If you want to be an outstanding leader, don’t go around nomming butts.
🙅🏻‍♀️ 😁