How might you instruct someone

How might you instruct someone how to make your favourite hot/cold beverage? ☕🍵

We did some Process Mapping exercise yesterday as part of the #Salesforce BA Exam working sessions, and talked about best practices.

The process diagram that we produce as #BusinessAnalysts is a demonstration of our skill as a communicator.

We need to show that we understand our clients’ ‘as-is’ processes, or current state by
– listening
– asking questions
– synthesizing information
– articulating it visually, verbally and in written form

The key thing to keep in mind is Simplicity and Clarity

The only questions you want arising from your process map are the ones you want answers to pertaining to the content.

– what does this mean?
– is this loop meant to go on infinitely?
– where’s the detail on this?
– it looks like it’s missing a few steps?
– did you assume this bit?

Human beings look for patterns.

Anything that deviates will cause jarring and dissonance, and makes the communication less effective.

Kendall Kolheim produced the best ‘How to make my favourite tea’ process from our exercise yesterday 😊

The only two really minor feedback I might make is
1. Add a title, and
2. Provide a more complete question in the decision diamond (but there isn’t anything wrong with what’s there).

Even so – it’s a really good process map.

We need to provide clarity, and reduce any decisions the audience need to make about what they are seeing.

That’s the only way to do outstanding process diagrams.
And being Outstanding is something we should all strive to achieve. 💪🏻