Next issue of my newsletter

Next issue of my newsletter (released tomorrow) focuses on How to make Toenail Pancakes! 🥞🤭

NOT!! Actually I will be talking about the different BA roles in the #Salesforce ecosystem.

I found that a lot of people are still confused about some of the roles, especially what it means in the context of the #SalesforceBA Exam.

Just in case you haven’t done the exam (and even if you have!) you might want to join my no-charge Salesforce BA Working Group session where I delve into each topic in a highly engaging workshop.

It’s free and it runs from 2-3.30 pm BST (UK Time) – every weekday.

We do a lot of group activities and work through scenarios. 🎭
We also discuss what’s ‘ideal’ and what actually happens in the ‘real world’. 🤕
I share the stories that resulted in the (metaphorical) scars and singed eyebrows through the consulting lens. 😁
We also play “The Wrong-est Game” quiz (yup… no making toenail pancakes!)

From tomorrow (Monday) we will focus on Business Process Mapping where everyone will get a chance to do some drawing!
Woooot! 💃🏻

I hope you’ll join us!

Details to sign up for my newsletter and the sessions can be found below 👇🏻