Salesforce has changed the way they are certifying their #SalesforcePartners …

Salesforce has changed the way they are certifying their #SalesforcePartners and this is their definition of an Implementation Expert: A consultant who has experience in implementing solutions in a customer-facing role.

These consultants are able to successfully design and implement solutions that meet customer business requirements, are maintainable and scalable, and contribute to long-term customer success.

Let’s break it down.

“Design and implement solutions”
Lots of people can do that.
With trailhead, the revolutionary gamified elearning platform reducing any entry barrier to product knowledge acquisition … the average ‘Trailblazer’ can quickly become very knowledgeable.

“… that meet customer business requirements.. contribute to long-term customer success.”
That’s the Holy Grail.

Any Raj, Mei and Jim can build a data model, knock up some page layouts and write a Flow.
But will it really meet business requirements for the ‘long-term’?

There are so many other skills needed to get it right; not just product knowledge.
“Soft skills” that are lower in priority (have you seen Salesforce Consultant job descriptions?), almost as an afterthought; a nice-to-have.

I would argue that it’s so much more important than the hard skills that is measured by trailhead badges and certs, the tangible stuff that now contributes to the new Salesforce Navigator distinctions for #SalesforcePartners

But… like a distant cousin at a family BBQ, Soft Skill will never get the love and attention it truly deserves. 😥


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