Some people should never ever be allowed to be parents

Some people should never ever be allowed to be parents.

There – I’ve said it.

Those who want to adopt have to jump through such horrendous hoops before they are allowed to parent.

And then, there are the ‘accidents’ from the one night stands, the Friends-with-benefits, the let’s-have-some-mindless-fun or even the revenge-child-trap (just to name a few) that result in blameless kids who end up being punished for existing.

Sometimes, I finish my shift feeling so angry at the world.

When you are in charge of a child, whether you’re the biological parent, or the guardian – you hold in your hands the life, and the future of a little human being.

Everything you say and do, AND everything that you _don’t_ say and do, will impact that little person in such significant ways that you cannot even begin to imagine.

There are so many who have grown up into adults, who have yet to understand why they feel so utterly broken.

And for some, they feel that there is only one option out of the pain they are experiencing.

If this is you – please call Samaritans freephone 116 123 from the UK, or email

If you’re in charge of little people – I hope you will cherish and love them, because they are the future.