Sometimes when I compare myself to others

Sometimes when I compare myself to others, I get


They’re doing stuff and achieving things that I should be doing and achieving too.

I’m not lazy, but could I be doing more?

The answer’s obviously yes, but perhaps a better question might be – should I?

There are always trade offs.
Sleep or exercise?
Spend time with kids or work?
Stressful career with money or gentler one with more work life balance?

I think it’s useful to reframe my thinking process when I start to compare and start getting frustrated with myself for not being where I think I ought to be.

What’s important to me right now?
Perhaps it’s taking a pause and watch a silly YouTube vid with the kids.

Everyone is different.
Our values our beliefs and how we choose to spend our lives.

You do you.
And I’ll do me.

I know that 100 burpees at 0430 is certainly not me!