Looking at the rearview mirror

We go through lots of things in life.
Some beautiful and joyful.
Some ugly and full of pain.

Life is unfair and I have to accept that.

There are those who have been born in such difficult circumstances that it’s a wonder how they can find the energy to live another day.

And there are those born with a silver spoon who will never know the true meaning of human suffering.

There is much I cannot change around me, but I do have full control of my reactions and what I choose to focus on.

I know that I will head towards whatever it is I am aiming for, so it does not pay for me to focus on the rear view mirror.

How does one change the focus on past hurts, trauma and wrongs and instead gaze towards the future?

For me, the daily practice of gratitude, coupled with perspective and understanding of the diversity of the human race.

This helps me focus on the future.

If this is something you struggle with, open up and talk to someone like Samaritans on freephone 116 123.

Sharing the load may give you some breathing space, so you can look towards the future.

A future that is full of possibilities.

You deserve it.
We all do. 🌹