Process Map shapes

I consider myself pretty good at process maps. 😎
They used to be *so* amazing (cough!) that my clients would ‘oo’ and ‘aa’ about them (I can be so modest 😁)

Many junior consultants would lament their lack of artistic skills but I said to them:

“Nay! You too, can be an elite flow charter like me!
You do not need the elixir of creativity, derived from the brains of 5 cartoonists and a political caricaturist!
You just need to know some basic shapes!”

And they learned the Art, and fell to their knees in gratitude, showering me with wheelbarrows filled with glazed 🍩.

Of course, to do the flowcharts justice, you need to be able to ask great questions and be able to listen well, but that’s not what this post is about.

It’s about being able to do something if you know the simple rules and basic fundamentals.

I also thought I couldn’t draw casual cartoons.
With Dan Roam‘s books though, and daily practice, I have got a bit better with my doodling every day.

You can too. You just need practice.

If you’re a #Salesforce Partner, and you want to level up your team to run great workshops and draw amazing process maps, DM me.

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