Leaky tap

How you deal with a leaky tap tells me quite a lot about you.

If you let it continue because you’re “too busy” to deal with it right now, or that it’s only a small thing and you can get to it later… then I will assume that you will carry that into your work life as well.

The ability to classify and prioritise activities, and follow through – is an amazing productivity hack.

Steven Covey’s #7habits really stands the test of time.
If you don’t deal with the Important, they will very quickly become Important AND Urgent, and it will be a lot more painful and costly.

In Yvette‘s analogy – you need to deal with the small holes in a boat by plugging it with seaweed as soon as you get them.

The mental image has me giggling as I imagine me toppling into the water trying to yank out some slippery kelp to plug a gushing hole in my dinghy 🤭

But it’s a great visual that explains why you need to look after the Big Things.

What are some of your examples of how raging fire that could have been easily put out when it was a little flame? 🔥