Demanding won’t get you anywhere

Demanding won’t get you anywhere.
It’s called being entitled.
Or just being a parent.

I know, I know.

I should be less demanding, less naggy – but sometimes it’s hard.

I default to my ‘parental naggy programme’ especially when my own energy is depleted and I haven’t the resources to be a bit more positive and playful.

Interestingly, I don’t do that to my team when at work.

Why do I treat my team members kinder than my own kids?

Any reason I can provide right now will be rubbish, because I know it’s unacceptable.

Being naggy and demand-y just teaches them to be the same, so I have to be a lot more mindful about how I interact.

Although I may tip over to the other side too much…

“Hey hunny bunny kins, can you take your dirty clothes off the floor? I am sure you don’t want your lovely mummy to turn into a she-hulk and start roaring at you. Thank you – that’s a lovely duckling.” 🤢🤮

It’s going to be tough finding a happy medium, but I shall persevere!

… otherwise my ultimate destination might be an old folks home that never serves donuts!! 😱