Partners in Change

When looking to implement business critical change, (A) should be engaged for the long term. There needs to be Technical Governance and leadership within this team to spearhead the technical side of the strategy.

They may choose to engage a #Salesforce Partner (B), who may also provide support and ongoing enhancement.

Some companies may choose to augment internal capabilities with (C) though contractors may not have the long term value of their client as their main focus.

(D) is ideal – to have internal project and SF capabilities to continuously improve.

If you don’t have internal Technical Architect or governance capability, then (E) is a viable option.

The Architech Club can help shape the strategic roadmap, and can sit alongside both client and partners to ensure robust design decisions. This allows a real focus in long term business value for the organisation

No, they aren’t paying me to plug them.
(though.. I can take payment in 🍩 or bitcoin 😋)

I think their offering is unique and places them in a great position within the ecosystem to help organisations truly leverage the platform.

Too many projects go sideways because the wrong people are making techincal decisions that are way over their head.

Not fun. 😣

Just #DoItRightTheFirstTime