The noise in my head

Sometimes I feel like the noise in my head can get quite overwhelming.

When that happens, I find it useful to separate out the voices, what they are saying and what’s important to them.

A lot of times, what surprises me is that the heavy anxiety and worries are actually manifestation of the primary emotion – fear.

To deal with this, I find that being grateful will quickly calm my mind – as I am unable to feel gratitude and be afraid at the same time.

Brené Brown talks about how she finds a way to move forward.

First of all, it’s to acknowledge the different voices, and the role and value they play in our lives for keeping us safe.

Evolution blessed us with the fight or flight instinct, to keep us alive.

This residual instinct still serves us, but in a much more limited capacity in the modern life.

The way to approach this is to acknowledge and be grateful for their presence in our lives, but also to introduce the voice of wisdom and reason to help us move forward.

I found this useful in managing how I see things.

It really helps, and the voices now tend to just have a lively debate which is a lot more fun. 😁

Couple of them can be quite sassy in there, but it’s all good #InThePartyPeiRoom 🥳🍾