I don’t care what you think

“I don’t care what you think.”
“You’ll need to do what I say, or you’re sacked!”

What an outdated way of thinking!😠

The days when companies “ruled” using intimidation and fear such as during the Industrial Revolution should be over.
However, it’s still very much alive, albeit currently couched in less aggressive undertones.

Organisational #TransformationalChange programmes are still frequently launched with little involvement of end-users and key stakeholdlers, and they wonder why uptake and success appears elusive.

Those who do understand #ChangeManagement well, and communicate transparently early on stands more of a chance of higher adoption and acceptance.

Yvette Kempson talks about why she loves end-users so much #OnThePeiroll podcast, dropping next Monday.

It’s such an basic concept, but the ‘lowly’ end users are so easily overlooked when the leadership team is focused on the more exciting programme of change.

For organisations looking to step up, you start with the basics.
It’s the #HumanElement that matters.