Should you choose a partner based on similar interest

Should you choose a partner based on similar interest?

Luckily for me, Husband shares my nerdie interests and we can talk about fonts and Star Trek and Marvel movies for ages.

In fact, we also used to be avid World of Warcraft gamers in The Before Kids era.

What’s more important than shared interest is shared values, which helps guide us through the turbulent journey of Life.

I also know that business partnership can be an even more intimate relationship compared to a matrimonial one – solely because it is public, and you have so much more responsibilities.

You’re accountable to your clients, your shareholders, and your people.

In order to sail the crazy business landscape of today – you need a strong leadership team.

The Architech Club announced today that the CEO position will now be held by both Zel Mason and Gemma Blezard as partners to lead this amazing organisation.

Even though I’ve only just recently met them “properly”, I have observed the deep respect that forms the basis of the partnership.
Their personalities and capabilites seem to complement each other.

It will still be a rough ride, but I’m pretty sure they’ll weather the storm because having the right partner makes all the difference.

Even if one party might prefer Comic Sans. 🙄


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