Let’s talk timesheets

Let’s talk timesheets.
It’s a pain – especially if you work for software Consulting Partner like #Salesforce or #Microsoft.

If you work for the big boys (A), then you’re going to be on larger projects for a longer period of time.

Filling in timesheets is easy – you forecast 7.5 hrs every work day (except for annual leave and training) which you then turn into ‘actuals’ at the end of the week for the project code.

While you may not be asked for an activity breakdown, you should still log it manually somewhere.

This is because you may be asked to justify your timesheet if your client isn’t happy with you (on a T&M contract).

If you work for (B), then timesheets can become quite painful. as you’re likely to be juggling multiple projects at a time.

You may log 30 minutes with client A for a catch up call, a 1.5 hour session to troubleshoot an issue, a 2 hr slot to document a process etc. And then 30 minutes at the end of the week to put this all into your timesheet.


Documenting your time is a good habit especially for contractors, or consultants who have been seconded to augment a client project team.

This is because if your project starts looking dicey, your PM will be asking for task breakdown.  

Do it right, and she may even get you a 🍩 or two!


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