Systems thinking. nnJanuary. “China’s way over there. So…

Systems thinking.

January. “China’s way over there. Sounds like their barbaric practices involving eating exotic animals are killing them off. Serves them right.”

February. “Italy’s affected. A bit nearer, but so what. I can still go clubbing and movies with my mates.”

March. “WTF?! Lockdown? The nearest incident is the next town! And besides, I’m young and strong. Only the old and the weak gets affected. No one’s stopping my house party tonight!”

Systems thinking.

It’s a way of looking at the world, and understanding how the different systems interact and impact the elements within them over time.

We are all connected, and the “Not my problem” attitude and outlook in life will be what kills you.

Yes, it is your problem.

All the recent rhetoric and fallout from Brexit, the divisions, the rancour, the xenophobia, the vile vile acts of hate between us HUMANS… show that we are not that different.

This virus does not discriminate, and it will tear down the facade of walls between the systems, and show you how very very connected we all are.

‘Their’ Problem is your Problem.
Our Problem.
Everybody’s Problem.

And the sooner everyone realises it, the quicker we will stamp this out.

We will do more for our family, than for others.

We are all family now.

The doctors, nurses, healthcare workers – they don’t care who/where you come from. They’re sacrificing so much for you. For us.

We are #family.
And we look out for each other.


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