The Emotional Cycle of Change

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One of the most interesting human concepts to understand is the ECOC – the Emotional Cycle of Change. Here are a few things to note:

– this can apply to so many things
– not everyone will go through each stage
– some people start at a different stage (e.g. VOT for any ‘unwelcome change’)
– at any point of a project, different peopple may be on a different stage, it is interesting to figure out where they are
– sometimes, if a project is handled badly, the line carries on going downwards after VOT (crash!) Not good. ☹

As a PM, I really enjoy the UO stage as it’s very exciting getting to know
– my team
– the client team we are working with
– the project and problem we are solving
– the technology

My job is to get us to FKTOW, with not too much of a peak and trough, my style is #NoDrama and #NoSurprises. Well, not the bad kind anyway.

DM me if you want to get on the Masterclass.
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I can help you get your clients to feel like FKTOW (successful go-live!) 😊 unless you miss-sell the project, but I can help your team avoid that too!


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