The Malaysians call it being “blur”.

The Malaysians call it being “blur”.

When you aren’t aware of things that are happening around you.
When you’re absent minded.
When you’re just not aware.

Accidents happen when you don’t anticipate the actions of the other drivers.
Embarrassing situations can occur when you took things at face value and didn’t pick up on the unsaid messages.
Avoidable incidents happen because you did not realise that the situation has changed, requiring a correction in your plans.

Being situational aware is only the first step to being self-aware.

Self-awareness is key to forward motion in life.
Otherwise you get stuck.

You may get caught up on the whys and wherefores of the things that happen in your life.

Emotional Intelligence is really key in becoming an effective #Salesforce consultant, because we need to be able to read the room, and identify when there is a change in the energy and the dynamics.

This will allow us to change our approach in communication or action plan in order to get the outcome that we want.

I wrote about Self awareness in last week’s newsletter #OnThePeiroll, the first in a small series on Emotional Intelligence.
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So, if I were in a Looney Tunes Cartoon, I would absolutely anticipate that a growing shadow might spell my impending smooshing under an anchor or anvil.

However, I seriously doubt that this happens in real life though 😁