Silence is under-rated.

Silence is under-rated.
Nobody likes silence.

But sometimes…
Sometimes you need to leave a few heartbeats of silence, when someone is sharing a vulnerable moment with you.

You don’t need to fill in the spaces because you’re uncomfortable.

The moment is not about you.
It’s about the other person who may be struggling with finding the right words to say.

Because they are afraid of what you’d think about them.
Because they are are afraid you’d judge them.

Their thoughts may be all jumbled up, and they need some time to sort it out before they can say what they’re thinking and feeling.

Just stay quiet.

It says to them,
“Take your time.
I am not going anywhere.
I am going to sit with you and be with you.
I’m not going to judge you.
Take your time.”

All without using any actual words.

You can #BeKind without saying a word.

Sharing moments of silence can make people feel connected in a way that goes beyond words.

Try it.

You might be surprised to find out I’m right.