Internal struggles.

Internal struggles.
The demon and the angel on the shoulder, bickering about who’s right.

We all have them.

I’d be mortified if anyone is able to plug a megaphone into my brain and listen to my internal arguments.

The most common one is the battle between the head and the heart.

Most of the time I am pretty congruent.
Both of them work in harmonic symphony.

Sometimes, on controversial issues that matter, they do not.

Who is right?
Do you follow the rational left-brained “Head”?
Or do you listen to the emotion-driven “Heart”?

I have come to accept that these struggles will continue until my last breath, as they are both part of me.

However, I can help myself by facilitating a grown up discussion between the Head and the Heart.

“Head, you put forth some good points about why I should take on this challenge. It will make me grow as a person, and add more skill to my quiver.”

“Heart, thank you for worrying about me. You keep me safe, but it’s time to step up and step out of my comfort zone and grasp this with both hands.”

The key thing is to disengage and analyse what the different parts of you are doing, thinking and feeling, and why they are doing so.

“De-bugging” your brain is the best skill you can learn, and is a crucial step in the quest to managing your emotions.

And that is a skill that is absolutely worth mastering.