Bad practices

“I can’t believe they are hiring people with the ‘right mindset’ so that they can ‘train the skill’ but they aren’t actually doing it!!”

My former mentee who was now leading the Test Practice at a Partner, was wringing her hands in frustration.

They were working burning out their consultants with back to back projects, and little bench time to recover.

This resulted in an exodus of some of their finest client-facing consultants, and the solution to this was to hire people who were admins.

People who were users of the software, and could be trained to become consultants.

But the problem was – they weren’t being trained.

They were left to their own devices to do their own online learning, to ‘shadow’ any random project team member (this is difficult to do virtually) and to ‘figure things out’ on their own.

She spoke to a senior Delivery Director, who said…

“It’s fine. They’ll pick it up eventually.”

That made me want to punch someone in the face. 😡

It’s totally unnecessary.

Software consulting is one of the best careers out there, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my 25+ years in the industry.

However, there are many of my peers left to join end customers and other roles for various reasons, some of which are the brutal work hours and stress.

Chucking someone new without adequate training and support just totally does my head in.

You, Mr Delivery Director, may be “Fine” with the situation, but your team are not.
You are doing them a disservice in the way you treat them.
They are NOT meat that you can grind out billable hours and then chuck them away when they’re done.

They are people who deserve respect and support in order to be at their best.

Argh! 🤬


This really p*sses me off.
That’s the reason I started the Consulting Delivery Masterclasses.

So so many #Salesforce Partners just believe in muddling through, when they can accelerate the upskilling of new hires, equip them with knowledge and confidence to be client facing and to deal with the human side of the work.

Treat them right, damnit!

/rant properly over

I am now going to imagine stuffing my face with 🍩.
That’s because I don’t have any on hand.
Which is a good thing, or I may just give myself a sugar carb coma 😣