There are many ways to get to an end point, a successful pro…

There are many ways to get to an end point, a successful project go-live.
There are some amazing project managers, all with different leadership styles.

An ex-marine I once knew, who transitioned over to PM-ing Salesforce projects, was tough but fair, and worked his team hard.
He had high expectations, and they always met them.

Another PM I know is highly competent, but was a hard task master.
She micro managed and her words can be very cutting for anyone who did not perform to par.

There was one who was fortunate enough to work with amazing people, and was ‘carried along’ by them.
He was merely a Project ‘Administrator’ (despite his title), because his team was able to function at such a high level, that he’d have to work hard to fail at the project.

I try to lead with compassion and empathy, because first and foremost – they are people, underneath the titles of Business Analyst, Functional Consultant, Developer, QA, etc.

I have found that treating them as humans first, means that they feel ‘seen’.
Truly listening to what they tell me, and what they don’t, allows me to understand them a little bit more, and opens up the trust in the relationship.

My goal is not just to get to the end of the project successfully, it’s to bring my team along on every bump and turning in this adventurous journey, together.

There is meaning in human relationships.
To me, winning together is more meaningful than winning alone.
And I think that’s how I found my calling.


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