What has four feet in the morning

What has four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?*

Riddles like this test your #CriticalThinkingSkills when solving problems and it can be quite fun and challenging to work things out.

Critical thinking in #Salesforce Consulting is much broader in context, and those who are able to ask questions to gently peel off layers of assumptions, speculation and guessing to get to the Real Problem.

Most projects go sideways not because the team aren’t good at the technical stuff, it’s generally because they are solving the wrong problem… because they haven’t asked the right questions.

This Friday is my 4th #PeiItForward Micro Workshop focussed on Critical Thinking. I’ve designed it with lots of breakout sessions so that the attendees can network and work with like minded peeps.

It’s fast.
It’s furious.
It’s fun.
It’s only 1 hr plus 30 minutes after that for Q&A (we start absoutely on time).
Link 👇🏻

See you there?


*google “Riddle of the Sphinx” for the answer. Took me awhile 😣