“What? You want me to enter EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY?”
“What do you mean I’ve got to keep them up to date?”
“Every single sales stage? Really?”

The Sales team can be quite a tough crowd to convince, especially when it comes to getting them excited about something like #Salesforce.

The secret is understanding that they have motivations, hopes and dreams like normal people too (😨 wot? I know, right?!)

I really enjoyed my conversation with Chris Pearson, Salesforce Director at Jostens where we talk about his extensive experience in the ecosystem and the lessons along the way. (This is only part 1 by the way!)
Link to the podcast 👇🏻

Do you feel there are ‘groups’ of people that you find it difficult to talk to and understand?

I used to think that lawyers were also people whom I found a little bit difficult to talk to and connect – super brainy and intimidating, especially when I was working on a project for a legal firm this one time quite early on in my career.

However, since connecting with people like Laura FrederickLisa ⚖️ Lang and Rebecca Gray, I realised that they are normal people too! 🥰

Are there any groups like that for you?
Are they ‘coin-operated’ like some sales people?