When Discovery isn’t done right

When a Salesforce Discovery isn’t done right by the Partner, it signals a very rocky project implementation.

Here are a few red flags
– Unclear SoW scope for Discovery
– Don’t have the right people attending the workshops
– Expectations not set correctly with client
– Complex requirements that may require more time for analysis and estimation
– Sales pressuring the Discovery team for a final project SoW with price and schedule

When you are in a rush, you will tend to miss things.

Anyone who has ever worked on a bid or an RFP may have ‘ptsd’ type palpitations from remembering the pressure 😁

Rushing through a Discovery will be the same, especially if we don’t take time to understand – truly understand, the dynamics of what the client is looking to change.

Sometimes, what they say, what they mean, what is important for the business, what is crucial for the different user groups, may all be very very different.

For the consulting team to be successful, they need to be able to read social cues and group dynamics well.

They need to know how to listen, and how to ask insightful questions to get through the layers of assumptions in order to get to the nub of the issues.

Emotional intelligence rules here.

You may be
– The best
– The smartest
– The most experienced
– The most certified and celebrated
– The most shit-hot
#Salesforce person

But if you are arrogant or tone deaf, you are unlikely to come out with the best solution for the business in the long run.

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