“Who cares? Especially if I am making so much money?”

“Who cares? Especially if I am making so much money?”

I wrote a post the other day, about the reasons someone would stay in a job.

It’s not for #JobPerks, or #SalaryPackage. I argued that it’s more about mutually benefits derived from a transaction: company to get productivity out of you, and for you to earn, learn and to have fun.

I missed out one though: the work should be meaningful.

A friend of mine has a lucrative job as a Technical Head managing a team of devs. He’s part of a 200 strong company, and they write software. He says it’s exciting and challenging, and works with a group of really clever and fun people.

But they have no customers. They work for only one person. They build software that analyses lots of things and helps that one person make more money.

I couldn’t do that. Not for all the money, all the fun, all the learning in the world – not at this point in my life.

Maybe if I was younger, I might have taken this on in order to learn and skill-up.

Now, I need to know that I add value.

Now, I need to know that what I do matters. To myself, and to others.

Do you agree? If you’re not dealing drugs or killing/kidnapping for money, what’s wrong with a job like my friend’s?


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