Who’s the most effective #CRM executive champion/sponsor?nA…

Who’s the most effective #CRM executive champion/sponsor?
A. Finance Director
C. Marketing Director
D. Sales Director
E. Ops Director
F. It depends

The answer is almost always (F), with the exception of (B).

Most of the time though, as Sales is the heart of CRM for any business in order to generate sales, revenue, funds, grants, donations – the influx of money, the usual answer is (D).

However, you can have discrete CRM projects for Marketing for example, to manage user journey, lead generation, nurturing and scoring – and implement Pardot or #MarketingCloud. In which case, the answer is (C).

For projects involving Service and Support, order fulfilment, shipment and delivery, warranty and refunds, call center operations, then (E) becomes the most appropriate executive champion.

In very narrow circumstances, where the finance department owns the order processing and commission payment processes that is being implemented within a CRM, (A) could be the sponsor at the start of the project. However, because they view the world through the lens of £ and cost, it can make it very difficult to grow where the benefits are intangible.

Other organisational types like health, education, local government, charities and not-for-profits, the executive sponsor will differ.

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