Do you build your CRM platform yourself or do you get someon…

Do you build your CRM platform yourself or do you get someone to help you?

Buying softare that can be installed and used straightaway (such as Microsoft Office) is different than purchasing licenses for a CRM system that needs to be configured before they are ready.

This is not the case when you’re using a platform like #Salesforce and asking for it to customised for your business and tailored to your processes.

Implementing a business change in #digitaltransformation that includes a technology component is a more complex process.

If your organisation is mature in its sales and business processes, has a strong handle on the People side of its culture and has a project change team that includes internal capability for rolling this out – then yes, building your own platform is a really good approach.

For most organisations out there, this is a journey that you might want to undertake with your Consulting Partner, to build out your requirements and tweak the system so that it works for the way you run your organisation.

Choosing the right Consulting Partner is key though, and you should do your due diligence:
– Get customer references (if possible, ask about those they’ve had challenges with as well)
– Meet some of the delivery team

Build rapport, and build trust.
This is a partnership that should serve all parties.
Make sure the contracts and Statement of Work is balanced and fair.
The language should be clear.

Mismatch in scope, requirements and expectations is the root cause in so many disputes and arguments when things go wrong, and it happens with both self-enabled customers and those who work with Consulting Partners.

Being aware, and being well prepared will save you much headache in the long run.