“I’m only being paid a fraction of what I’m billed out at. …

“I’m only being paid a fraction of what I’m billed out at. It’s not fair. I can run my own Consulting Partner – I’ve got the certs, and I certainly know how to deliver a project!”

Garry eventually left that Platinum partner and, with a few friends, launched his own #Salesforce Consulting Partner.

He managed to secure a few contracts, and now needed a team but was not able to pay the asking rates for senior and experienced #Salesforce consultants. It didn’t matter, because with #trailhead, he could take on any graduates and get them skilled up and certified on the platform easily.

What he hadn’t counted on was that their lack of experience around delivery would ultimately cost him so much more money, as he worked extra long hours to ‘correct’ the project.

I think that Trailhead is a massive game changer, where Salesforce has removed barrier of entry and almost all friction towards people learning the capability of the platform and richness of its features.

And so, because we had worked together before – he reached out to me, and I helped his graduates
– understand the foundations of delivering excellent projects
– learn how to listen and ask incisive questions during workshops
– write strong and accurate requirements

Growing young and junior talent inhouse nurtures loyalty and builds strong team and camaraderie, creating a unique culture that becomes the competitive advantage in the professional services industry.

Home cooked food is almost always better than oven ready meals.

Unless you lack lasagne kung-fu, in which case – Mr Marks & Spencer will need to come to the rescue! 😁


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