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What You See Is What You Get.

You don’t hear that term nowadays – but you’d recognise it if you came from the text-based world of DOS and UNIX.

I believe this also applies to humans – and you’d use that for people who ‘wear their heart on their sleeves’, because you’d know what they’re feeling, and they don’t hide who they are.

That’s what I am.
What you see is what you get.
You can speak to anyone in my past, and you’ll get the same picture.

There are those who do wear a mask, not to hide their pain or the insecurity of believing they aren’t good enough – but those who do that to hide their true agenda, which may be unethical, unsavoury, or downright illegal.

Being able to tell the difference is a super power when navigating a corporate political landscape, because it allows you to see who is pulling the levels of power, and who really holds the influence regardless of authority.

I find this such a fascinating topic, and am discussing it with my current Masterclass training cohort. That’s where my head has been, and it meant that I totally missed the fact that Emeric has published his podcast interview with me today.


Given that this is the first one I’ve ever done, it is definitely a case of WYSIWYG.
I need more practice in front of the mirror so that I can get more polished if I ever get invited to Tim Ferriss’s podcast 😁



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