1. I compare. What I’ve achieved, and what I _should_ have a…

1. I compare. What I’ve achieved, and what I _should_ have achieved.
2. I can be disciplined about what I want.
3. I don’t like to fail.
4. I over-think.
5. I can _always_ do better.
6. I push myself. Hard.
7. There’s always new things to learn, do, create.

That’s how I am.
I believe that’s because I’ve been inculcated with high standards since my childhood.

You see, I also expect this of my team members, and the people I work with.
Miraculously, they almost always step up, or they step out.

Consulting is a brutal business, and if you cannot make the grade, you should find another career.

High achievers deliver outstanding results.
Be genuinely caring, and you will build an insanely loyal team that can ride through anything.

When I get someone new, inexperienced, or green, I try and work out where they think their circle of influence might span.
And whether they think they can achieve what I expect of them.

If I can show them their potential, move beyond their comfort zone, grow and stretch the boundaries of what they think they’re capable of, and set a path for them – I can pretty much guarantee that they’ll get there.

I always say that the consulting life has been amazing for me, in terms of my own personal growth.
You need to not be afraid of scary things, that you might try and fall.
Be embarrassed.
Maybe get labelled a ‘loser’.
But you get up and try again.
That’s how you keep growing.

“The fires I walk through are forging in me a heart of Steel.”
Love that quote from metalmotivation.com


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