Feeling that you are behind others.

Feeling that you are behind others can evoke two types of responses:
1. Give up because, why try if you’re going to fail anyway?
2. Put in the extra hours, the blood, sweat and tears to try and close that gap

Dad has always chose (2) because (1) was never really an option.

I learned that from him.
No one would out-work me.
That is how I managed to skip a year, and accelerate my A-levels.
That is how I became one of the first female MCSEs in Malaysia.

I’ve taken that sentiment and feel that I’ve fully made use of every opportunity I have been given in order to better myself.

For me – having high standards for my personal and career growth has been the best thing for me.

Because of that, I believe that I attract the same type of people to work with, which is an utter joy.

When you work with people that you know are amazingly capable, and that, as a high performing team, can think as one to anticipate and plan for what’s coming up, is better than Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

I do not regret having high standards.
For myself, or my team.

Because I wouldn’t be who I am without it.


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