A statement of work is a binding contract.nA marriage is a …

A statement of work is a binding contract.
A marriage is a binding contract.
So why do so many people rush into both without understanding what they are signing up to??

Most sign the contract quickly, hoping that all will be well, and that no one will renege on the deal.

Sometimes you can see a glimpse of what the future holds, when you observe that there is a vast chasm in expectations.

What you think you’re going to build vs what the client thinks they are going to get.

In order to smooth the path to a successful project delivery, we need to set expectations right, and that begins right from the start.
Both parties need to be clear on what the contract says the final delivered product is to be.

This calls for crystal clear, unambiguous language in the Statement of Work such as what’s included, and what’s out of scope, as well as acceptance procedure, and quality milestones.

The work required to get to the correct level of detail for the commercial approach decided for that SoW (Fixed Price vs Time & Materials), is not insignificant.

It pays to be detailed, to make sure the language is right, and the common understanding is clearly articulated.

The thing is that – anything worth having is worth doing well.
Unfortunately new business and romances suffer from impatience.
And dreamy eyes.
Which means they don’t see the flaws and red flags until it’s too late.


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