A working mum can’t have it all. Children used to be raised …

A working mum can’t have it all. Children used to be raised by a village and I’m about 10,500km away from mine.

It’s easier now the kids are a little older but homework, school run, after school activities etc, still feature very much on my to-do list. Along with work stuff.

Before the kids, I used to be quite a hardcore WoW gamer, playing about 5-7 hours every day on top of my day job.

One day, I ran the /played command, which told me how long my characters had been played. OMG – I could have learned a language or two in that time!

So I quit cold turkey.

I was now free, and didn’t need to ‘level-up’ or suffer withdrawal symptoms when my guild went on raids without me.

I also stopped watching TV, and now I spend time doing meaningful activities:

– Cuddling little ninja with skinned knee

– Sewing up hole in bootbag

– Learning about nutrition and weight training 🏋🏻‍♀️

I don’t have Fear of Missing Out. Even though I cannot talk about GoT or Breaking Bad, I can talk about all the podcasts and TED Talks I’ve listened to, or the next level in weight training that I’m aiming for.

Being able to prioritise well is a superpower I have as a Project Manager.

ps: I do miss WoW though😕

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