I haven’t been home for Chinese New Year for quite awhile si…

I haven’t been home for Chinese New Year for quite awhile since the kids started school. Well, except for that one time a few years ago when CNY coincided with the Feb Half term holiday.

I love being home for CNY. The sounds, the smells, the family, the memories, the feelings, the Home, thousands of miles away.

It doesn’t happen much now, because school.

26 deaths. 830 cases. Lockdown on millions of people. Measures to try and contain the viral outbreak in China.

It’s scary. I can imagine everyone wanting desperately to get home, but also not wanting to catch a potentially life threatening illness. What a horrible dilemma.

For some reason, this feels particularly awful at this time of the year.

Perhaps it’s because many who have left home to seek employment would miss this one opportunity to go home and see their family.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of being torn between wanting to see their child or grandchildren, but fearing for their safety.

My thoughts are with those who are stranded, and who desperately want to be home at this time of the year.

And for those who are ill and suffering. 😔

I’d like the wish my friends and family Happy Chinese New Year, friends and family, with hope that the Year of the Mouse brings you peace, joy and love.

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