People generally don’t admit mistakes because:n- they don’t…

People generally don’t admit mistakes because:
– they don’t want to let people down
– they think being wrong makes them unworthy
– they fear retaliation

“But – people should have integrity anyway?!”

Integrity and speaking out when you’ve been wronged, or admitting when you’ve made a mistake is the trait of a confident person who have been nurtured in a safe environment.

Not everyone has had that luxury.

Personal upbringing, culture, language and distance* creates a barrier to communication, working well and seamlessly in an integrated manner.

The only way to bridge this chasm is Trust.

A leader needs to create an environment of trust and safety.

In the corporate world, shame and fear have been used as tools to corral behaviour, to create sheep, and punish non-conformity.

It is toxic.
It is soul-destroying.

I need people in my team to feel safe enough to be able to tell me we are heading towards the iceberg, so that I can change course.

That’s the only way to create teams that perform beyond expectations.

It’s not rocket science.


And Trust**.

* For remote teams
** Occasional Donuts 🍩 wouldn’t hurt!


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