“Oh F*** F*** F***ety F***!”

“Oh F*** F*** F***ety F***!”

PFY* had done a “Delete * from table_name” command.

On Production.

Luckily I knew the system intimately, and was able to quickly and quietly resolve the situation.

Many lessons here: but he came to me and admitted his mistake so I was able to fix it swiftly before things escalated.

Years later, we are in the middle of a big project and progress on the payment gateway integration has stalled.

After a few days, my remote team leader calls me.

One of the devs carried on working even though she had a miscarriage, which caused a few issues in the build.

A small group of them decided to try and help but actually made it worse.

My heart broke for the young mum, and for the team who had valiantly tried to salvage the situation.

They did not want her punished.
That happened on other projects.
Poor reviews would lead to demotion, and maybe loss of job.

They had never worked with me before, and loved that I trusted them so much.
And they did not want to let me down.

Luckily I was able to recover the situation, because I’m awesome like that 😁.

That Trust business? It goes both ways.

They should have trusted me to do the right thing.

*Pimply Faced Youth (google BOFH)


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