Follow your passion is a meaningless statement when you don’…

Follow your passion is a meaningless statement when you don’t know what your passion is.

But how do you find your passion?

The speakers from esterday’s #sfwitnotts event hosted by oe:gen gave a few clues.

It’s a steady process of:
– Taking stock of who you are and what you’re about
– Being brave and exploring new things
– Going above and beyond in everything you do
– Looking and seizing interesting opportunities when they come along, and
– Continue to keep learning along the way

Finding your passion is a steady process of trying, failing, getting up, learning.. Rinse and repeat.

It may be sitting on an all-male board and having to suppress your natural instincts and tendencies

Or artificially inseminating a cow with your arms right in its reproductive bits

Or crawling under desks to deal with IT problems

The route to finding your passion may be winding and may take you to unexpected places.

And the key is to have an open mind, and an adventurous soul.

Passion will not find you.

You’ve got to go find it.

Thank you Lucy Barkas, Yvette Kempson and Emily Malone for an outstanding afternoon yesterday.

I also have to say that the attendees are amazingly inspiring, including the patient little dude with his mama! 🥰


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