When you are young, Time is your ‘cheapest’ currency. nnU…

When you are young, Time is your ‘cheapest’ currency.

Use it to amass:
– experience
– skills: hard and soft
– wisdom
– good habits

Learn how to navigate life and relationships. Make mistakes. Learn. Make new mistakes. Learn some more.

Learn about yourself, who you are, what you are amazing at, what you are bad at.

Know yourself. Inside out.

When you become older, Time becomes even more valuable.

You will not want to trade it for:
– bad manners
– unkindness
– bad friends
– toxic people

However, if you’ve not spent your youth wisely acquiring battle scars and learning, then you may not have a choice in your old age.

You may have to settle for a less than stellar quality of life, because you have not been able to create options for yourself.

Options = freedom.

To create options, maximise your cheapest asset in your youth to buy your freedom in your adulthood.

I see young people believing they are owed a good life.

There are others who would roll up their sleeves and put in the work.

They will be the ones who will end up having the freedom of choice to craft the life they really want.

These are the lessons I am imparting on my kids.

#BeBrave: make mistakes and learn as much as you can.
#BeUseful: be valuable.
#BeKind: there isn’t enough of it in the world.

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