“All my project manager does is schedules meetings, takes mi…

“All my project manager does is schedules meetings, takes minutes and hounds me for update on my task. Nothing else!”

That’s the job of a project admin.
Or a few apps to automate some tasks.

My experience drills into me that a Project Manager is so much more.

I am the architect of the project, and I lay the foundations for building a system that will provide the benefits that the customer seeks.

I manage the contract, to make sure we deliver what we say we will.

I identify potential risks to the project, and manage them closely so they don’t explode later on.

I make sure my team have everything they need to do their job.

I protect them from the politics, the emotional encounters, the sometimes messy business of managing conflict.

I manage the scope, and remind others of the close relationship between quality, scope, resources and cost (The Iron Triangle).

PRINCEII, Scrum, Agile – these certifications are theoretical, and so very very dry. It doesn’t tell you if that person, who has all these certifications, is able to manage a project successfully.

I believe true Project Management is more than just frameworks, or jargon, or trends.

It’s about People.


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