“Here’s the list of requirements, and the team’s estimation …

“Here’s the list of requirements, and the team’s estimation against each item. Go and create a project plan.”

There’s no way that can work.

Estimating, planning and scheduling a project requires teamwork.
As a Project Manager, I cannot just magic one out of the air.

We need to first gather some solid requirements, including technical solutions. (a function that requires 4 clicks to run an asynchronous process vs a real time trigger to do the same thing have very different effort and costs attached to them.)

Then we need solid technical capability to estimate the build, and factor in risks if working with unfamiliar, or new technology.

If it’s an aggressive go-live date, we may need to run parallel workstreams, which would require more coordination, and perhaps team leaders for the workstreams.

Rushing always ramps up the risks, as the urgent need for solution creates situations where short cuts are sought, and impact of actions are not thoroughly thought out.

Longer timeline allows more due diligence, and less overhead – but that’s uncommon. Almost every project I’ve always had has always been in a rush.

I review testing resources and requirements, and factor in build/data migration/integration/mobile and other components, and test experience and maturity of both my team (as far as budget allows) and that of the client. I factor in risks due to complexity of requirements.

The team will help me look at the deployment process; changesets, automated, continuous integration, propogation through all sandboxes, any requirements to refresh, constraints on governer/apex and other platform limits.

I work very closely with the team to create a plan that is realistic, that makes sense.

I may be awesome, but I cannot magic up a project plan alone.
Even awesome people need their teams to continue to project that awesome perception. 😎


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