A lot of companies going through ‘Transformation’ or impleme…

A lot of companies going through ‘Transformation’ or implementing a solution to modernise, digitise, or transform their operations do not give enough thought to the Change Management aspect of things.

It is easy to put in a new system, and very easy to measure its success or failure.
How much quicker to log a call.
How much time to run this critical report.
How much time saved with the automated approval process.

But, how do you measure how successful the user adoption has been?
How do you really measure and track real benefits?

Most ‘Transformation’ projects have the sole objective of cutting headcount.
That in itself is already a demoralizing prospect.

Why would people _want_ to use a call logging system with CTI and all sorts of magical integration with websites and various sytems, that could eliminate their job?

There is a need to keep costs down in order to be operational, and profitable enough to sustain and grow.
But my core belief is that people should always come before profit.

Not investing in a proper Change Management programme, or having a leadership team who has integrity, and who operates in a transparent manner, or a culture that values human contribution and welbeing over and above the bottom line, creates an unsustainable enterprise.

Before you think that putting in a new CRM might automagically make your company do better, take a candid look at how things are at home.
Talk to people.
Really listen.
Understand their motivation, and fears.
Understand that caring about other people creates loyalty that is worth more than their unit of utility or productivity.

Maybe you don’t need a new system.
Maybe you just need to have a culture centered around the humans that run your business.


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