All my interactions with offshore team in India have been ou…

All my interactions with offshore team in India have been outstanding.
Every. Single. One.

In all the companies I’ve worked in, with our internal offshore team, or with the client’s – I have only encountered amazing talent, who are highly professional.

I am sure there are sub-par people out there, but perhaps I have just been very lucky to work with some amazing individuals.

They are incredibly
– humble
– conscientious
– tenacious
– skilled

In previous roles, other PMs have made sweeping statements and generalisations about the risks and problems with offshore teams.

Sometimes they’ve even warned me about certain individuals.

I have never, not once, ever had a problem.

My team would go the extra mile for me, in so many many ways.
I remember this one time, I found out that my test lead had organised some of the QA team members to thoroughly test the system in their own time (the project budget had over-run).

Those same people who were “trouble” for other PMs, were amazing for me and my projects.

So where’s the problem?
It certainly isn’t with the team.

Treating someone differently because of race, culture, colour, background, gender, sexual orientation, ginger hair colour 👨🏻‍🦰 and any metric is just plain wrong.

Look beyond all of that.
Underneath all of that, we are the same.
We should start treating each other like family, instead of the enemy.

Just #bekind.

To everyone. ❤


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