Most small and medium sized Consulting Partners do not have …

Most small and medium sized Consulting Partners do not have Change Management as part of their offering.

It’s a different skillset, and in order for an effective Change or Strategy Consultancy business – there needs to be an element of impartiality.

You come into my business and analyse my pain points, and you produce a set of recommendations that include implementing an ecommerce and contact centre solution for my grocery delivery business.

Oh, you’re recommending Salesforce because… you have a division that is a Salesforce Partner?

What if my particular requirement can be better met by a competiting technology?

It’s a bit like the Big 4 accounting firms, offering both audit, and consulting to fix the audit failures. Feels like a conflict of interest.

That’s one of the many reasons why businesses looking to implement software solutions like CRM, ERP, Financial and other packages should invest in Change Management competencies in-house.

Your Software partner is there to build the system against your requirements, but it is your job to do the due diligence, to build the business case, to get the grassroots support, the software champions, and set the project up for success so you can reap the benefits.

You’ll find this investment will pay for itself multiple times over.


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