Are you a Carrot person or a Stick person?

I’m more of a carrot person 🥕 than a stick person, although I can be fairly lethal with it. 🤺

Sometimes – a stick is more effective than a carrot in terms of nudging people to make decisions and move a project along.

Strong executive sponsorship is necessary for #CRMConsulting Projects like #Salesforce or #MicrosoftDynamicsCRM to go well, mixing the threat of big waving stick (strong messaging that implies lost brownie points for not getting on board) and carrots (benefits of system that makes work life better).

Where that leadership aspect is lacking, the client-side PM will need to rely a lot more on her interpersonal skills to influence change.

That’s why sometimes, engaging a #SalesforcePartner to help you is a good idea, because this helps provide momentum.

In an agile project, design decisions will need to be made constantly, and delays will cost money (this is reflected in the monthly invoice from your partner).

If you run the project internally, then gaining and maintaining momentum in an organisation which is resistant to change can be quite challenging.

Day 6 of #30daysofvideos challenge.


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