Dancing with a Consulting Partner

I’ve worked with some wonderful consulting partners – great leadership, solid ethics and high standards.

We do what we do very well.

A hot topic for #Salesforce project delivery is Agile vs Waterfall vs Hybrid.
Everyone is embracing Agile – it’s flexible, nimble, lightweight and inclusive.
It focuses on delivering value to the business continuously, and promotes cohesive teamwork and collaboration over reams of documentation.

Why would anyone want to do things any other way?

When you are doing Agile or a hybrid of Agile and waterfall, you have a team that’s on the go.
There is no ‘down time’.
Sprints are continuous, and your backlog needs to be prioritised and approved; work scheduled and planned in a logical manner so that the team is not idle.

Most businesses do not work like this.
A problem is surfaced, and a committee formed with the first meeting a few weeks from now.
There is lag time while people discuss, disagree, cool off, review, and re-discuss.

When you’re working with a #SalesforcePartner, be prepared to work at their pace, which is probably quicker than the speed your organisation operates.

Choose the right dance partner, or learn how to dance to tempo… otherwise your tootsies are in jeapordy! 💃🏻



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