Consulting, burnout & mental health

How often would you poke a bear with a red hot poker? 🐻
Once? Twice?
How about every weekday?

People would think you’re insane for putting yourself like this, every single day.
But that’s what a lot of us do, working jobs that are high-stress and challenging.
Looking back on my 25 years in the consulting industry, I can say that there aren’t very many of my colleagues who started out with me, who are still in the game.

Burnout is the old fashioned name for symptoms relating to being over-worked, when in fact it’s the toll that causes mental health issues.

Stress and overwork also impacts you physically (sitting hunched, missing meals).
It can also affect interpersonal relationships unless your partner is also a workaholic, like mine.

We’d both be working past midnight on our own stuff, and it was ok.
We were each other’s support, and made sure that we looked after ourselves.
We understood the importance in doing meaningful work.

If you’re in the consulting industry such as #Salesforce or #MicrosoftDynamicsCRM, and you ❤ what you do – you’ll need to find a way to carry on doing this for a long time.

1. Make sure you have good support around you, and
2. Know your boundaries (so you can take care of yourself).


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