“Are you nuts?!”nnMs Ego on my shoulder prodded me in the …

“Are you nuts?!”

Ms Ego on my shoulder prodded me in the neck.

I turned down a potentially lucrative coaching offer – to support senior management consultants in their roles.

I would have jumped at the offer, but I knew this Consulting Partner well, having worked with them before.

The challenges this company faces are deep rooted, and systemic.
– Projects were systematically under-sold, and the team expected to make up for the shortfall with evening and weekend work.
– Consultants were frequently pushed beyond their ability and capability.
– Project Managers were pressured to maintain profit margins at all cost.
– Projects had no slack, so when something unforseen happens, everything goes pear shaped and stress abounds

It’s like asking me to motivate the team commanders to get their platoon enthusiastic about kamikaze missions over and over again, when the general politicos continue to make decisions that does not make sense.

I did not feel that I would be able to add value to the company in this particular case.

#SystemThinking would help the company have a more holistic view of what the issues are so they can target them properly.

Helping senior Consultants and PMs to excel within their own role is what I’m made for, if the environment and corporate structure does not enable growth to flourish, then it’s a futile attempt.

“There will be other opportunities.” I tell Ms Ego and put her in my pocket.

There is a twinge of guilt though.

Husband gives me a grumpy look.

“Guess it’ll be gruel for the next three weeks.” he says melodramatically.

He’ll be fine. I’ll add some chocolate chips in his gruel.

At least I’ve acted in line with my values, and that lets me sleep tonight.


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